Stroke is very much preventable.

Stroke Stroke is a medical emergency that is ranked as the third leading cause of death and disability among adults in the United States and Europe. Statistics show that every 45 seconds, someone experiences a stroke, and a person dies of this ailment every 3 minutes.
Despite the frightening numbers, stroke is very much preventable. The symptoms are easily recognizable and, by living a healthy lifestyle and going to regular medical check ups, the risk of having a stroke can be decreased dramatically.
What is a Stroke?
A stroke, medically known as Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) and also termed gbrain attackh is a cardiovascular disease that mainly affects the blood vessels and arteries in the brain. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that transports oxygen and other nutrients to the brain gets or bursts. When the brain is unable to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to, the brain cells start to die which then results to brain damage.
When a stroke is not prevented or aid is not immediately given, and the brain has received brain damage, the abilities that that part of the brain controls (speech, movement, memory) are impaired.